Berlin, 9-10 October 2015

XVII. Humanitarian Congress Berlin

Understanding Failure. Adjusting Practice

The Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2015 focuses on the topic ‘Understanding Failure. Adjusting Practice’, taking place from 9 -10 October 2015 in Berlin. In an increasingly politicized world, aid actors have to respond to complex emergencies without sacrificing their humanitarian principles. Budgets for relief programmes are growing, yet activities need to be operationalised in an effective matter without discrimination. Millions of lives are saved as a result of the work of humanitarian agencies, but funds are often unfairly distributed.

Currently the world observes the biggest refugee crises since World War Two, challenging the actions of states and calling for alternative solutions. Climate Change is about to accelerate, causing more destruction in especially poor countries and demanding quick adaptation to a changing environment.

The Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2015 on the topic 'Understanding Failure. Adjusting Practice' will discuss the following questions amongst others: Why does aid often fail to reach regions and populations in distress? Why do programmes not succeed to cater for the needs of those in urgent need? What are the obstacles for agencies to provide adequate treatment? Why is aid distribution steered by political interest rather than to the suffering of people?

As every year, the conference invites practitioners, academics, political decision makers, media and students to discuss how to identify and better address causes of inadequate humanitarian response. The aim is to further policy ideas and to find ways to adjust operational activities, in order to ensure a more effective and efficient use of humanitarian aid.

This year's programme can be found here. Information about past congresses can be accessed through our Archive.