4&5 OCTOBER 2018

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Programme for Friday, October 25th

 AuditoriumKursraum 1Kursraum 2
Special Evening Session

Welcome Address


Distant Suffering - Visual access to the war zone

  • Lilie Chouliaraki, London School of Economics Media Department
  • Marcel Mettelsiefen, Photographer
  • Isabelle Eshraghi, Photographer

Chair: Carsten Luther, Journalist and Photographer ZEITonline

Programme for Saturday, October 26th

 AuditoriumKursraum 1Kursraum 2Seminarraum 2
Registration and distribution of conference folders; coffee and tea

Opening of the Conference
Welcome Address

  • Tankred Stöbe, MSF

Keynote Speech: Access in Danger - Global developments

  • Yves Daccord, ICRC
Chairs:Lily Gardener & Ronald Guzman, NOHA-Students
10:30- 12:00

Keynote Debate: Obstructions and Barriers - Who Cares?

  • Dennis McNamara, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
  • Catherine Woollard, European Peace Building Liaison Office
  • Tom Koenigs, German Bundestag
  • Yves Daccord, ICRC


Chair: Andrea Pontiroli, former MSF Representative to the European Union


Introduction Workshop - Humanitarian Aid for Beginners

  • Frank Terhorst, German RC
  • Frank Dörner, MSF
  • Jan Brommundt, MdM

Chair: Nina Holzhauer, DNDi


"Yes we can!" Cooperation with Local Partners

  • Jemilah Mahmood, Mercy Malaysia
  • Michael Mosselmans, Christian Aid
  • Dickens Bwana Eliasaph

Chair: Claire Boulanger, MdM

12:00- 13:00
Lunch Break
13:00- 14:30

 Case Study: Refugees and IDPs in Dadaab - The Never Ending Emercency

  • Jeddy William Namfua, UNHCR
  • James Mwangi, Kenya RC
  • Sabine Wilke, CARE Germany

Chair: Bettina Rademacher, MdM

Health Risk of Extracting Industries - Lead Poisoning

  • Lauren Cooney, MSF
  • Gilbert Schönfelder, Charité
  • Darryl Stellmach, University of Oxford

Chair: Doris Schopper, CERAH

Health Care in War Zones

  • Pierre Gentile, ICRC
  • Tarak Bach Baouab and Tom Roth, MSF

Chair: Timothy Pitt, former UNOCHA

14:30- 15:00
Coffee Break
15:00- 16:30

"It Doesn't Work!": Gaps in the Global Humanitarian System

  • Sean Healy, MSF
  • Corinna Kreidler, NRC
  • Frances Stevenson, HelpAge

Chair: John Mitchell, ALNAP


Humanitarian Assistance in High Income Countries

  • José Javier Sánchez Espinosa, Spanish RC
  • Jean-Francois Corty, MdM
  • Marc Dubois, MSF
  • Anna Kühne, Medibüro Berlin

Chair: Leonardo Palumbo, EPHA

Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

  • Ernesto Jaramillo, WHO
  • Jennifer Cohn, MSF
  • August Stich, DAHW

Chair: Maja Volland, Stop-TB Forum

Q & A - Discussion with Medical First Missioners

  • Julia Krikorian, MdM
  • Christiane Schlecht

Chairs: Manon Pigeolet & Lukas Helbig, Charité University Hospital Berlin Students

16:30- 18:00

Syria - Cross-Border and Cross-Line Humanitarian Actions

  • Ayham Al-Zoebi, Physician
  • Daniel Mouqué, UNOCHA
  • Leigh Daynes, MdM

Chair: Caroline Abu Sada, MSF

18:00- 19:00


Programme for Sunday, October 27th

AuditoriumKursraum 1Kursraum 2Seminarraum 2
Registration and distribution of conference folders; coffee and tea

Introduction to the day


Keynote Speech: Humanitarian Aid - A view from the South

  • Nobhojit Roy, Jamsetji Tata Centre of Disaster Management

 Chairs: Cynthia Verena de Carvalho Fischer & Florian Schmitzberger, Charité University Hospital Students

10:30- 11:30

Keynote Debate: A View from the South

  • James Mwangi, Kenya RC
  • Nobhojit Roy, Jamsetji Tata Centre of Disaster Management

  • Tammam Aloudat, MSF
Chairs: Cynthia Verena de Carvalho Fischer, Florian Schmitzberger, Charité University Hospital Students

Haiti - "Where is the money?"

  • Berthold Boes, GIZ
  • Marcel Fortier, IFRC

Chair:Sophia Swithern, Global Humanitarian Assistance

Big Data - A humanitarian tool?

  • Patrick Vinck, IFRC
  • Johan von Schreeb, Karolinska Institute
  • Amanda McClelland

Chair: Thang Dao, MSF

Mother and child - Maternal health care in danger zones

  • Andreas Schultz, MdM
  • Deborah Price, MSF
  • Vilde Aagenaes, Mary Stopes International

Chair: Pierre Gentile, ICRC

11:30- 12:00
Coffee Break
12:00- 13:30

Satellites & Drones - War tools or information-gathering devices for emergencies

  • Alexander Leveringhaus, University of Oxford
  • Stefan Voigt, DLR Institute
  • Stefan Lang, University of Salzburg

Chair: Andreas Papp, MSF

Negotiating Humanitarian Access – Strategies for the Protection of Civilians

Workshop by CERAH / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


  • Doris Schopper, CERAH
  • Joe Belliveau, Conflict Dynamics International


Outbreak Workshop - Meningites

  • Christiane Haas, German RC
  • Marc Gastellu, MSF

Chair: Sibylle Gerstl, Consultant

Scientific Session


  • Jane Hutt
  • Rishi Rattan
  • Stefan Kienberger
  • Theresa Bauer
  • Shoaib Burq
  • Ruby Siddiqui

Chairs: Peter Tinnemann, Charité University Hospital Berlin and Olaf Horstick, Institute of Public  


13:30- 14:00
Lunch Break
14:00- 15:30

Closing Session - The Endtimes of Human Rights (and Humanitarianism?)...

  • Stephen Hopgood, SOAS

Chair: Ulrike von Pilar, MSF

*List of abbreviations
IDPs - internally displaced persons

CERAH - Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action

DAHW- Die Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe

DEZA - Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit

DLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt / Aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany

DNDi- Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative

EPHA - European Public Health Alliance

ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
IDPs - internally displaced persons
IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
MdM - Médecins du Monde

MSF - Médecins Sans Frontières

SOAS - School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

RC - Red Cross
UNHCR - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNOCHA - Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs