17&18 OCTOBER 2019


Friday, 10th October 2014

 AuditoriumRoom ARoom BRoom C

Registration and distribution of conference folders; coffee and tea


Opening of the conference
welcome address

  • Günther Jonitz, ÄkB

Keynote speech - R2P, mass atrocities prevention and child soldiers: the links

  • Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire
Chairs: Mable Chang & Claire Moretto, NOHA Students

Keynote debate: protection

  • Introduction given by Sara Pantuliano, ODI
  • Pierre Gentile, ICRC
  • Arjan Hehenkamp, MSF


Chair: Sara Pantuliano

Case study: how to run a medical emergency, viral hemorrhagic fever outbreak

  • Panu Saaristo, IFRC
  • Thomas Kratz, Medical Doctor
  • Meinie Nicolai, MSF

Chair: Florian Steiner


Medical humanitarian aid for beginners

  • Joachim Gardemann, GermanRC
  • Frank Dörner, MSF
  • Jan Brommundt, MdM
12:00- 13:00

Lunch break

13:00- 14:30

Case study: protection failure in Sri Lanka

  • Norah Niland, Researcher
  • Sutha Nadarajah, SOAS

Chair: Sandrine Tiller, MSF

Internally displaced and the protection cluster in the Syrian context

  • Louise Aubin, UNHCR
  • Alfredo Zamudio, IDMC
  • Salah Daraghmeh, MdM

Chair: Caroline Abu- Sada, MSF

International Humanitarian Law for beginners

  • Katja Schöberl, German RC
  • Stefanie Haumer, German RC

20 Years of mental health in the field: what did we learn? (Expert workshop - RSVP per email)

  • Kaz de Jong, MSF
  • Pim Scholte, Equator Foundation & UVA
14:30- 15:00

Coffee break

15:00- 16:30

Does advocacy boost or jeopardise protection in humanitarian work?

  • Claire Boulanger, MdM
  • Pierre Gentile, ICRC
  • Tankred Stöbe, MSF

Chair: Bodo von Borries, VENRO


Health protection and the role of the WHO

  • Adelheid Marschang, WHO
  • Meinie Nicolai, MSF

Chair: Peter Tinnemann, Charité UHB

Evaluation of humanitarian action in crisis situations

  • Florika Fink-Hooijer ECHO
  • Ralf Otto, Consultant
  • Jenny McAvoy, Interaction

Chair: Sibylle Braune, German RC

Q & A - Becoming a humanitarian aid worker

  • Katia Laudeman, MdM
  • Christian Schuh, German RC
  • Helen O'neill, MSF

Chair: Aymen Meddeb, Medical Students Charité UHB

16:40- 18:00

Armed protection of civilians

  • Mats Berdal, Kings College
  • Eva Svoboda, ODI
  • General ret. Reinhardt
  • Pierre Gentile, ICRC

Chair: Antonio Donini, Feinstein Centre

18:00- 19:00


Saturday, 11th October 2014

AuditoriumRoom ARoom BRoom C

Registration and distribution of conference folders; coffee and tea


Welcome to the day

Ulrike von Pilar, MSF


Medical keynote: key health challenges for humanitarian actions

  • Bayard Roberts, ECOHOST & LSHTM

Chairs: Luise Schäfer & Rainer Tan, Medical Students


Debate on keynote:

  • Bayard Roberts, ECOHOST & LSHTM
  • Adelheid Marschang, WHO
  • Joel Weiler, MdM
  • Dawit Seyum, AMREF

Chair: Meinie Nicolai, MSF

Antimicrobial resistance

  • Maria-Teresa Bejarano, Karolinska Institutet
  • Annette Heinzelmann, MSF

Chair: Sibylle Gerstl, Consultant

Health protection for migrants - A human right in the EU ?

  • Sheena Keller, Fundamental Rights Agency
  • Bieke Machiels, FEDASIL
  • Elise Bittenbinder, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Flüchtlinge
  • Frank Vanbiervliet, MdM

Chair: Peter Wiessner, MdM

State of the art - E learning -

  • Sandra  Cavaco, Consultant
  • Kai Sostmann, Charité UHB
  • Arkadiusz Kwaśny, SELLEO

Chair: Andreas Papp, MSF

11:30- 12:00

Coffee break

12:00- 13:30

Role of local partners in protection

  • John Lobor, South Sudan RC
  • Angela Cotroneo, ICRC

Chair: Jenny McAvoy, Interaction

Who protects the protectors

  • Abby Stoddard, Humanitarian Outcomes
  • Pete Buth, MSF

Expert Workshop - Security and protection, an uneasy dialogue in historical perspective

  • Bertrand Taithe, Manchester University
  • Michaël Neuman, CRASH-MSF

Scientific Session

  • Vera von Kalckreuth
  • Annika Rukat
  • Stefanie Cachelin
  • Andreas Älgå
  • Jarred Halton
  • Myrthe van Midde
  • Aymen Meddeb
  • Kamilla Truong
  • Benjamin Ebeling
  • Stefan Kohler

Chairs: Peter Tinnemann, Charité University Hospital Berlin and Olaf Horstick, Institute of Public Health

13:30- 14:00

Lunch break

14:00- 15:30

Gender in protection

  • Sybille Fezer, Medica Mondiale   
  • Salah Daraghmeh, MdM

Chair: Bornice Biomndo, Journalist

Case study: C.A.R. and the limits of protection

  • Peter Neussl, OCHA
  • Charlotte Schneider, Action Contre la Faim
  • Christian Katzer, MSF
  • Joel Weiler, MdM

Chair: Andreas Wigger, former ICRC

Intellectual Property and access to new medicine in middle income countries

  • Rohit Malpani, MSF
  • James Love, KEI
  • Peter Beyer, WHO

Chair: Sophie Bloemen, Commons Network

Protection and the media

  • Dagmar Dehmer, Der Tagesspiegel
  • Florian Westphal, MSF
  • Abdurahman Sharif, Muslim Charities Forum

Chair: Leigh Daynes, MdM



Closing reflections - Protection: A Broken Promise?

Bertrand Taithe / Norah Niland / Andreas Wigger


End of conference