17&18 OCTOBER 2019

XVII. Humanitarian Congress Berlin

Understanding Failure - Adjusting Practice

Video recordings online

Watch videos of the debates of the XVII. Humanitarian Congress Berlin.

A selection of videos can be found here.  You can access all videos of the XVII. Humanitarian Congress Berlin Auditorium discussions on Youtube.


About the Humanitarian Congress Berlin

The Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2015 focuses on the topic ‘Understanding Failure. Adjusting Practice’, taking place from 9 -10 October 2015 in Berlin. Find the detailed programme here.

In its 17th year, the Humanitarian Congress Berlin unites over 80 international experts from medical, political, academic and journalistic fields to discuss challenges and new approaches to humanitarian aid. It features panel debates on medical and political questions, workshops for experienced practitioners as well as introductory sessions for students and young professionals.

Asking for the causes and the ways to address failure in humanitarian action, the Congress seeks to address the challenges for humanitarian action in an increasingly politicised world, where aid actors have to respond to complex emergencies without sacrificing their humanitarian principles. Budgets for relief programmes are growing, yet activities need to be operationalised in an effective matter without discrimination. Millions of lives are saved as a result of the work of humanitarian agencies, but funds are often unfairly distributed.

Currently, the world observes the biggest refugee crises since World War Two, challenging the actions of states and calling for alternative solutions. Climate change is about to accelerate, causing more destruction in especially poor countries and demanding quick adaptation to a changing environment.

Join us for the discussion at the Virchow Klinikum in Berlin-Wedding and exchange with humanitarian organisations and other actors at the Humanitarian Forum.