Humanitarian Congress Berlin 2022, 11-13 October

Feminist Humanitarian Action: From Affirmation to Transformation

It is essential that feminist perspectives are used to analyse and challenge global inequalities and power structures, and to rethink the humanitarian action. Therefore, at this year’s Humanitarian Congress, we will discuss strategies and best practices for sexual and reproductive health and rights in crisis preparedness and response.

We will address the impact of humanitarian crises on LGBTQI+  persons, their marginalized (in)visibility in the humanitarian system and their limited access to health services. Moreover, we will discuss changes and steps necessary from feminist perspectives to achieve climate justice in humanitarian contexts.

Feminist Humanitarian Action

This year’s topic 2022 Feminist Humanitarian Action: From Affirmation to Transformation In recent years, the Humanitarian Congress has taken up major and controversial issues; critically addressing the causes and consequences of the climate crises, racism, Read more…

About the Humanitarian Congress Berlin

HCBerlin’s Story For more than 20 years, the Humanitarian Congress Berlin has been debating, analysing, evaluating and developing the theory and practice of humanitarian action. It brings together leading experts from medical and humanitarian organisations, Read more…

Agenda HCBerlin 2022

From Affirmation to Transformation On behalf of Médecins Du Monde, the German Red Cross, the Berlin Chamber of Physicians and Médecins Sans Frontières, we invite you to this year’s Humanitarian Congress Berlin: ‘Feminist Humanitarian Action: Read more…